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Elchim salon professional ceramic hair blower

Why The Elchim Light Ionic Hair Dryer Could Be The Last Hair Dryer You Will Ever Buy?

Elchim has been now the pioneers in high-quality hair dryers in the world, The Elchim Light Ionic Hair Dryer has everything a good hair dryer should have.

The reason why this could be the last hair dryer you will ever buy is because its warranty, since Elchim backs this dryer with a LIFETIME WARRANTY when you buy from an authorized distributor like us.

And with the Elchim Light Ionic Blow Dryer model they have once again showed the they are the Best in the World.

First created with the professional hair care professionals in mind, This model has been one of the bestsellers.

Made in Italy, and with Italian mind of how to create the best products instead of how to create it cheaper.

This model weight 35% less than its competition. This is a great plus for professionals that will be using this product in the daily basis.

Did you know the Elchim has the Best Flat Iron too?

And for those that like to know about the specifics of the product, I will tell them that has Ionic and ceramic system to hydrate the hair and enhance hair shine, eliminating the electrostatic charges, which very few other hair blowers can offer.

One more reason to buy this retro style and color blow dryer is that it comes with two blower dryer diffusers.

Here are the main features about The Elchim Light Ionic Hair Dryer that a worth to mention:

The Light Dryer has 35% less weight, and more than enough power, which allows this professional hair dryer to create perfect styles in half the time, and leaves hair shiny, thanks to the ionic ceramic system. It is also 'light' on the environment, due to its quick drying speed, which reduces energy consumption, and because it is made from recyclable materials.

ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT Weighing 35% lighter than most professional models, Elchim’s Light Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer certainly lives up to its name. Not only does it give you with salon worthy shine and body in half the time, it reduces strain and fatigue on your wrist and elbow. The ergonomic blow dryer is also balanced for a much better feel in your hand.

SHINY & HEALTHY HAIR Think a hair dryer can’t keep your hair healthy? Think again, Ideal for all hair types, This ionic ceramic dryer eliminates electrostatic charges and emit infrared heat to dry hair gently and evenly. This form of heat seals the cuticle for a smoother finish, resulting in shinier, healthier and more hydrated strands. To further protect your hair and our planet, Light Ionic hair dryers are made using recyclable materials and feature a low EMF electromagnetic wave protection system.

QUICK DRYING TIME this dryers may be small, but that doesn’t make it any less effective. Each ceramic turbo dryer features advanced Italian engineering and a powerful 2,000 watt hybrid motor designed for use in professional beauty salons. Its faster dry time leads to less energy consumption and time spent exposing your hair to heat. You can also activate a cold air button when needed.

2 CONCENTRATORS INCLUDED For your convenience, Elchim has provided you with a pair of concentrators for precision styling and brushing. Use their quick lock system to attach them to your dryer and get the exact look you want.

LIFETIME WARRANTY Top quality products and customer service are our top priorities.


Elchim products are made with you in mind. And just like us, they are a family run business too. They know every worker that ensembles each component in their products in Italy. Elchim Works hard to offer the best technology, that results in long-lasting products covered by a lifetime warranty. Quality, is what the previous generation and founders believed and still their main philosophy. High-quality hair tool helps to achieve great results, great results will bring more business. The company is still run by the same family that found it.


The Elchim Light Ionic Hair Dryer has a lot to offer, including looking great in your guest bedroom. Also:

❤️Ionic & ceramic system to hydrate the hair and enhance hair shine, eliminating the electrostatic charges.

❤️The drying time reduces electric usage and it is made with recyclable materials.

❤️Cold air button with controlled action.

❤️Low EMF.

❤️2 extra concentrators.

❤️Ultra light-weight.



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