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Allegro Combs

Allegro Combs 9000 Barber Clipper Cutting Combs Blending Combs For Woman Men Flat Top Combs Fading Combs White Combs 6 Pk.


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  • PERFECT SIZE - The perfect size wide tooth comb for blending hair. 8 in. The perfect barber combs for clipper over comb and scissor over comb technique. Wide tooth comb for curly hair are made of high quality nitrile rubber. These combs for women are made in the USA to ensure you get a great product at an affordable price. These combs for men can be used on all types of hair including curly, straight, thick, thin, coarse or fine hair. fade, taper or undercut our cutting combs.FREE SHIPPING
  • PROFESSIONAL COMBS - These hair combs are the same tools used by barbers and stylists. These men's comb also great for haircuts at home. Made in the USA, barber combs will last forever and won’t deteriorate or break like others. You can use them to fade, blend your hair, cut it into different lengths. It doesn’t matter if you have short or long hair – these hair combs for women work perfectly well with both types of hairstyles. The combs for hair stylist come in a case of 6 comb per order.
  • TRENDING COLOR AND STYLE - You can achieve this goal by using our professional combs. Pocket combs are made of high-quality Nitriles Rubber that does not get stain with oil, shampoo, hair coloring product and they are disinfectable. Men's combs for hair, They also come in different colors, choose the one that matches your salon decor! There is nothing stopping you from becoming a master! Allegro Combs 9000 Cutting Combs Blending Combs flat top combs. Wide tooth comb for wet hair.
  • ROUNDED TEETH EASY ON YOUR SCALP - The Allegro Combs 9000 is a revolutionary new way to get rid of all that pesky tangles. You can finally say goodbye to those painful, frustrating moments when you just can’t seem to comb through your hair. With styling comb, Combing through your hair has never been so easy. It works great with wet or dry hair and doesn’t break like other combs do. Plus, there are no sharp edges on these hair cutting comb so they won’t cut into your scalp.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - The perfect curly hair comb for anyone who wants to look their best. It’s made and designed in the USA. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Get yourself an Allegro Comb 9000 today so you can stop worrying about your hair and start focusing on what really matters – We know once you try our product, you won’t be able to go back to using anything else! shower comb for hair.

Do you want to look and feel your best? You need the right travel combs for the job. The #9000 Clippers Combs are designed with selective professionals in mind, but they’re also great for haircuts at home. Made exclusively with the highest quality Nitrile Rubber which is the professional alternative for plastic, these hair combs for fine hair will last a lifetime! large comb 100% Nitrile Rubber so they won’t scratch or damage your clippers or shears.

They have an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand and has a non-slip grip even when wet. And because we know how important it is to be able to see what you’re doing, we have added bright colors – making it easy to find exactly what you need every time!

We guarantee our fade combs 100%. If anything happens during normal use of this product within 30 days of purchase. Don’t let a bad hair day ruin your outfit. With the Allegro Combs 9000 set of 6 combs, you can have perfect hair every day! Straight hair comb. These barber combs professional are made from flexible and durable materials that won’t break or snap when used properly.

They also come in a case of six so you can keep them all together in one place for easy access. You deserve to feel good about yourself and these combs set for black hair will help make that happen! The round teeth on these combs prevent any damage to the cuticle of your hair while styling it or cutting it. Plus, they’re gentle on both your scalp and hair so there is no pain involved whatsoever! Get this amazing product today and start looking great immediately!

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Allegro Combs 9000 Peines De Corte Para Barbero Peines De Mezcla Y Peines De Superficie Plana Peines De Decoloración 6 Ud.

TAMAÑO PERFECTO: el peine de dientes anchos de tamaño perfecto para mezclar el cabello. 8 pulg. Los peines de peluquero perfectos para la técnica del cortador sobre el peine y la tijera sobre el peine. El peine de dientes anchos para cabello rizado está hecho de caucho de nitrilo de alta calidad. Estos peines para mujeres se fabrican en los EE. UU. Para garantizar que obtenga un excelente producto a un precio asequible. Estos peines para hombres se pueden usar en todo tipo de cabello, incluido el cabello rizado, liso, grueso, fino, grueso o fino. desvanecen, ahusan o recortan nuestros peines de corte. ENVÍO GRATIS

PEINES PROFESIONALES: estos peines son las mismas herramientas que utilizan los peluqueros y estilistas. Este peine para hombre también es ideal para cortes de pelo en casa. Fabricados en los EE. UU., Los peines de barbero durarán para siempre y no se deteriorarán ni se romperán como otros. Puede usarlos para desvanecer, mezclar su cabello, cortarlo en diferentes longitudes. No importa si tienes el pelo corto o largo, estas peinetas para el cabello para mujeres funcionan perfectamente bien con ambos tipos de peinados. Los peines para peluquero vienen en una caja de 6 peines por pedido.

TENDENCIA DE COLOR Y ESTILO: puede lograr este objetivo utilizando nuestros peines profesionales. Los peines de bolsillo están hechos de caucho nitrilo de alta calidad que no se mancha con aceite, champú, colorante para el cabello y son desinfectables. Peines de hombre para el cabello, también vienen en diferentes colores, ¡elige el que combine con la decoración de tu salón! ¡No hay nada que le impida convertirse en un maestro! Allegro Combs 9000 Peines de corte Peines de mezcla Peines de superficie plana. Peine de dientes anchos para cabello mojado.

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