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Allegro Combs

Allegro Combs 420 Barber Comb Comb Set Hair Cutting Combs Pocket Comb Combs for Hair Stylist Styling Comb 12 pk.


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TRADITIONAL BARBER COMB SIZE With dimensions of : 7 x 1 x 0.19 makes the perfect size combs for women and combs for men. Professional combs for barber. Cutting hair combs professionals approved since is professional graded combs. 12 combs per order Includes case. Made in the USA.

LONG LASTING MATERIAL Made of nitrile rubber for durability. 100% professional graded for combining proper rigidity and flexibility. Classic hair stylist comb. These pocket combs are widely used world wide in the industry and are perfect for hair cuts at home and barber shops and hair salon.

DISINFECTABLE COMBS WILL NOT ABSORBE AND COLOR WILL NOT FADE IN BARBICIDE These hair cutting combs model 420 from Allegro Combs will not absorb sterilizing solutions, perms, conditioners, shampoos, oil, water, etc. These combs can be used for wet and dry hair cuts and in many hair styling situations. Colors in comb will NOT fade in disinfectants and other liquids.

GREAT BARBER COMBS AND HAIR STYLIST COMBS  Allegro Combs #420 all purpose combs are used by professionals in barbers shops and hair salons and at home all over the world. You can use these combs in every hair styling and hair cutting techniques, like: clipper-over-comb and hair-over-comb, layering, hair blending and more.

MADE IN THE USA with the trust and reliability of a product designed and made in the USA. we have worked hard to bring the best hair combs with perfectly matched teeth to eliminate drag, split ends or scratching. Allegro Combs 420 features wide tooth comb and fine tooth comb all in comb.

Allegro Combs 420 set of combs with a total of 12 hair combs. Having one of these combs is like having two combs in one, since they feature wide tooth comb on one half and fine tooth comb on the other half.

Barber comb and styler comb. Allegro Combs 420 are designed with the selective hair professionals in mind and made exclusively for many hair styling needs. Made of nitrile rubber. 100% professional quality for combining proper rigidity and flexibility and they will not brake since they are not made of plastic.

Perfect for all types of hair, like: curly hair, thin hair, thick hair, boy hair, natural hair and fake hair and more. Also, everyone can used them, these combs are great combs for woman, combs for men, thin hair, thick hair, curly hair and straight hair.

Rounded teeth combs, can be wet or dry sterilized. With perfectly matched teeth to eliminate drag, split ends or scratching your scalp. These comb for women are suitable for all types of hair, they are the perfect men's hair combs. Professionals approved. Perfect travel combs since they are light weight and only 7 inches long.

An indispensable piece for your barber's kit. Allegro Combs #420 with two types of teeth: Wide teeth and fine teeth with rounded teeth that will glide on your hair without difficulty without hurting your scalp.



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