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Where I Can Buy Krest Combs?

Where I Can Buy Krest Combs?

Allegro Beauty Store Is Proud to Bring You The Best Brand of Hair Combs in The USA, Krest Comb.

We understand how you love the Krest Combs,  We are also their fan, We carry the great majority of their models in our store.

You are in the right place if you are looking for Krest combs. We welcome you here if you were sent directly after contacting The Krest Corporation.

The Krest Combs Corporation is a great American company established in 1958 with the intention of supplying the professional with quality hair combs.

Krest Supreme Professional Hair Combskliper hair cutting combs

Here you will be able to find models like:

Krest Cleopatra all-purpose combs

[All their models] For many generation hair Krest Combs have been a hair styling staple. These hair combs are used to untangle hair, distribute hair oils throughout the hair strand, for example.
Krest Cleopatra all-purpose hair combs were developed by the DiMarzio in 1958 as an alternative to traditional hair cutting comb with emphasis on making their hair combs an all-purpose hair styling tool.


They were created with simple idea of creating combs that will last longer and are not to rigid, they don't break, they don't stain hair and hair oil, they don't damage hair cuticle.

They are made from different high-grade materials that is ultra smooth so hair slides through the comb effortlessly without snagging or pulling it out of your head while you're working on styling hair.

Their unique rounded teeth pattern allows for gentle grip when detangling hair to prevent breakage; they have rounded tips which help distribute oils throughout hair strands avoiding scalp irritation as well as minimize frizzing up of curly hair types; their wider spacing between teeth prevents any "pulls" in sensitive areas such as necklines and around ears where most people use them; bristles protect against bumps caused by metal combs.

All these features make Krest Cleopatra all-purpose combs hair styling tools of choice for hair stylists and hair enthusiasts alike.

Trying to stand apart from the competition they they comb is trendy color hair combs that come in many hair color combinations and sizes .

Goldilocks heat resistant combs.

Manufactured exclusively from DUPONT Delrin acetal polymer a 100% professional thermal material. DUPONT Delrin is virtually chemically inert and will not absorb sterilizing solutions, perms, conditioners, shampoos, oils, water, etc. Also can be wet or dry sterilized.

DUPONT Delrin is virtually static free for no "hair-raising" combing. DUPONT Delrin with its ultra glossy, smooth-as-silk surface, glides with "flow-through" combing, never dragging or tangling.
DUPONT Delrin is a unique, special copolymer of the highest purity. Manufactured exclusively from DUPONT Delrin acetal polymer, and it will not absorb sterilizing solutions, perms, conditioners or shampoos. It can also be wet or dry sterilized.
In addition to being virtually static free for no "hair raising" combing with its ultra glossy smooth as silk surface gliding with flow through combing never dragging or tangling.
At Allegro Beauty Store we are proud to offer the Classic experience why Krest Combs are different than any other hair combs you've ever used! Krest Goldilocks Hair Combs have been manufactured since 1959 In the USA.
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Krest Bone Combs

You've probably seen people combing their hair with a bone comb. It's an old-fashioned way to style your hair, but also one of the most effective.

bone combs

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This is because it does not damage the individual strands of hair like regular combs do. Krest Bone combs are made from high quality synthetic material that is heat resistant and will never damage your hair. They have a solid grip for easy handling and come in many styles. There is a Krest Bone for every hair stylist need.

If you're looking for a new way to style your hair, consider using a Krest Bone comb. They are great for all types of hair. Take care of your beautiful locks with one from this selection.

You will find the from wide teeth combs for thick or fine teeth for short hair . For those with very thin or long hair, use a bone comb for styling.

They come in all styles like: rat tail, pocket size, Tapered and others.

rattail comb

They will also remove any mats or tangles in your hair without hurting your scalp. If you want to get rid of frizz or static , these combs will do the trick.

Use one of these combs to make your morning routine easier, and you'll be able to have a more enjoyable day. You can order Krest Bone Comb from Allegro Beauty Store with free shipping. They ship worldwide for free in the USA.

Krest is an affordable way to improve your hair care regime with high quality products.

Krest Aluminum Combs Enhance Your Hair for a Healthy Lifestyle.

krest metal combs

We all want to feel good about how we look. And that's why metal combs are so important for hair care. Krest metal combs are made from aluminum, which is known for its anti-microbial properties and ability to help prevent the growth of bacteria. This is important if you have a sensitive scalp or find yourself dealing with skin conditions like acne, eczema, or psoriasis.

Krest Metal Combs, we are talking about tradition, legacy and style for a new generation . In a world of metal combs, Krest metal comb is the best metal combs.

Krest metal comb has a great design and you can choose between different styles pocket combs, two types of rat tail combs, wide and fine teeth and others.

With a sleek design and perfect for everyday use.

These metal combs can be used in wet or dry hair to achieve the desired look, whether you want an elegant coif that is suitable for formal events or relaxed beachy waves that complement your casual style. In addition, metal combs are also the perfect metal comb for all your styling needs.

Here are a few reason why you should consider buy one of these Krest Metal Hair Combs:

  • Stainless metal the will last for generations.
  • metal combs is very easy to use and will not cause any damage or breakage.
  • Krest metal comb is available in a variety of styles.
  • The make the perfect gift for anybody who love hair styling.

In conclusion the you will be able to find metal combs in metal hair comb that will meet your every need and metal hair combs is the perfect metal comb for everybody.

Krest Wood Combs: Natural and Sustainable Wooden Hair Care.

wood combs

- Control the Common Hair Problems with Natural Combs handmade wood great for scalp. Frizzy hair, greasy hair, hair loss and dandruff, this Wooden Comb is ideal for barbers, hair stylist or to use at home.  

- Great for your hair scalp, with the best wood quality and the benefits of nature. Protect your scalp by massaging gently with the rounded teeth of this Wood Comb for Hair, avoiding the damage of artificial and plastic materials that induce leading hair loss. Comb your hair and your beard gently like in a spa routine with ecologic materials. 

quality wood combs

- Use Vegan Combs for fragile hair, long hair and wigs. Our Wooden Handmade Combs are perfect to groom fragile hairs due to color and perms treatments, also reduce the static and frizz thanks to the natural wood and its rounded teeth that you can even use to maintain your wigs in perfect condition without breaking the strands.

-  Promote the growth for any type of hair, nourish your scalp and massaging while combing with this Natural Wooden Handmade Comb for woman and man that helps to distribute the natural oils of your scalp leading a strong and growth hair stimulating the hair follicles to produce the vital nutrients your hair needs. 

- Avoid overproduction of Sebum, the greasy hair is a very common problem of hair scalp, with this Natural Wooden Comb you can control the production of it and also help to remove the impurities of the hair creating a balance in the texture of your hair making it look healthy, bright and smoothy.

Benefits of using a wooden hair comb:

Wooden combs from Krest are hand made with quality wood. We are glad to offer you the best quality hand made wood combs which are one of the healthiest ways to comb your hair.

 The wood teeth have rounded tips that have a gentle massage effect on your scalp. This massaging effect stimulates natural oils in your hair cuticles, which creates natural volume and luster.

 The wood comb reduces hair breakage when you run it through your hair. Combing your hair with a Krest wood comb will make you feel like you are running your fingers through your hair.

wooden combs

 We offer these sizes and styles:

🚩Handle Wooden Hair Comb Model No.79 - 7.5 inches long  Handle Wooden Comb

Dimensions: 7.50 x 2.25 x 0.20 inches | 19 x 5.5 x 0.40 centimeters.  

🚩Long Grooming Wooden Hair Comb Model No.78 - 7 inches  

Dimensions:  7.00 x 1.25 x 0.20 inches | 18 x 3.20 x 0.40 centimeters.

🚩Long Dressing Wooden Hair Comb Model No. 77 - 5.25 inches     

Dimensions: 7.20 x 1.50 x 0.20 inches | 13 x 3.50 x 0.40 centimeters.

🚩Long Styling Wood Hair Comb Model No.76 - 6.75 inches   

Dimensions: 6.75 x 1.50 x 0.20 inches | 17 x 3.50 x 0.40 centimeters.

Care tip for wooden hair combs: Clean your wood combs with oil. Dip a clean cloth in any type of natural oil such as olive oil, Jojoba oil, coconut oil of marula oil and massage the oil over your wooden comb.

Please do not use with harsh chemicals like hair dyes and others.


Krest Silver Edition [all models]
- Heat resistant thermal comb.
- Made from the quality Dupont Delrin.
- Virtually chemically inert will not absorb sterilizing solutions
- Same professional combs used by professionals. Perfect for use with your flat irons.
krest combs silver edition

The quality alternative to hard rubber. Use for wet and dry hair cuts. Drag free for ultra smooth hair flow through combing. Drag free for ultra smooth hair flow through combing.

Can be wet or dry sterilized. Virtually chemically inert will not absorb sterilizing solutions, perms, conditioners, shampoos, oils, water, etc.
Perfect for use with your flat irons
Krest Supreme Professional Combs. "NEW"
Krest Supreme professional hair combs are designed with the professionals in mind.

Combs are manufactured exclusively from finest quality Dupont Delrin which offers:
- Superior rigidity and flexibility necessary for professional use.
- Heat resistant and chemical resistance.
- A quality alternative to hard rubber and bone.
- The matched teeth of Krest Supreme Professional combs offer smooth, drag-free combing.
Guide to buy the best Krest Combs:
- Krest Cleopatra all-purpose combs are made of nitrile rubber great for flexibility and allows the combs to be disinfectable.
Goldilocks are heat resistant combs. great combs to be used with flat irons.
 -  Krest Aluminum combs are great to be used for hair styling.\
NOTE: If you don't find the model you are looking for please clink on our contact us page, and don't forget to add your phone number so we can call you back.



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