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Have you been looking for a good rat tail comb?

Have you been looking for a good rat tail comb?

Allegro Combs 441.

8.5 In. Rat Tail Combs Pintail Braiding Or Parting Fine Teeth Rattail Hair Picks Combs Set For Hair Styling USA is the perfect solution to your hair-styling needs!

This set of 12 rattails has teeth that are fine enough to style and part hair, but not so sharp that they can't be used on delicate or thinning hair. The combs come in a variety of colors from the traditional black to trending colors like neon mix, which means there's one for every type of hairstyle!

These combs will make it easy to create any look you want with your own natural locks.

whether you're going for an elegant updo, a sleek ponytail, or just some loose waves around your face.

They're also great if you have long or thick hair and need something strong enough to get through all those tangles without ripping them out by the roots!

And don't worry about these combs getting lost in your bag because they come with their own protective case  if you buy the 12 pack, no more losing expensive beauty tools at the bottom of your purse!

Order now before we run out of stock again! 


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