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Allegro Combs, The Best Professional Hair Combs Many Color Available.

Allegro Combs, The Best Professional Hair Combs Many Color Available.

At Allegro Beauty Store, we are very proud to introduce our exclusive brand of hair combs to the market.

These are Allegro Combs are proudly made in the United States with resistant materials which makes us different from other brands. You can find: Barber combs, combs for women, combs for men, curly hair combs, clipper combs, pintail combs, rattail combs  and more with our brand.

desinfectable combs with barbicide
Knowing the new challenges and obligations that hair professionals face in times of COVID-19, we are pleased to announce that our models: The model with the most colors Allegro Combs #400 our most popular model Allegro Combs #420, our traditional pocket comb style Allegro Combs #415, our traditional barber combs model Allegro Combs #450 and our Allegro Combs #9000 Clipper models.
Allegro Combs #415 traditional pocket combs unisex.
They are made of Nitrile Rubber, a material that makes them resistant to chemicals commonly used in hair salons, barbershops and at home.These products can be shampoo, hair conditioners, hair and beard oils, hair dyes, hair masks and others.
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Allegro Combs, in all our models we have a great variety of colors. You can order in packages of 12 or 6 units. 

One of the characteristics of our Allegro Combs combs is that they can be disinfected in barbicides without deteriorating the colors and without being stained. Combs for hair stylist and barbers.

We also have comb packs in mixed colors, which our clients love, as they can use a different color than their colleagues working alongside them, avoiding cross contamination.
Another advantage is that you can find a color that goes with the decoration of your establishment such as Hair Salon and Barbershops or that of your home.

Our comb models are optimal for women and men and for all hair types. Round tooth teeth will not hurt your scalp.

All of our models are having great acceptance by our clients who want to trim their hair at home.

All these models of Allegro Combs are already in stock ready to ship:

Allegro Combs #400 (multicolor and sets)
Allegro Combs #420 (black only)
Allegro Combs #415 (black only)
Allegro Combs #450 (multicolor and sets)
Allegro Combs #9000 Clippers (multicolor and sets)
Allegro Combs #450 traditional barber combs


Coming soon:

allegro combs pintail combs

We are working to be able to offer you in the future, fine combs with mouse tail, combs for coloring hair with metallic stainless steel tail, heat resistant combs to use with hair dryer and with straightening iron and other projects.
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