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Allegro Beauty Store Becomes Phillips Brushes Online Authorized Distributor!

Allegro Beauty Store Becomes Phillips Brushes Online Authorized Distributor!

Do you need a great hair brush?

If so, Allegro Beauty Store is proud to announce it has become an authorized online distributor of Phillips Brushes.

Phillips Soft Touch

You can buy Phillips Brushes directly from from the Allegro Beauty Store - which means you'll get the exact same great original hair brush you would if you went to those fancy beauty stores in the U.S. or Europe.

If you want the best hair brush on earth, this is where you should be buying it. Phillips Brushes uses only the highest quality materials, and their brushes are designed by a world-famous hair stylist. Phillips Salon brushes are also engineered to withstand years of use.

Order now!

In the past, you have to go to a specialty store or a really big department store to find the right hair brush for you. The selection is small... and... finding the right one can be tricky.

Not any more. Allegro Beauty store has over the great all their hair brushes, and because we maintain an extensive in-house inventory, we can ship you the right one.

Whether you need a boar bristle brush, a round brush, an oval brush... or... a “pinch brush” (a little one that fits in your palm), we've got you covered.

Check out our great selection with free shipping the price you see is the price you pay, and our hassle-free 30-day warranty. Don't forget to check out our other great brands like Cricket, Allegro Combs, DENMAN, Scalpmaster and many others.

You won't find a better place to buy quality beauty products than the Allegro Beauty Store.

OK, let's get technical: What exactly is a Phillips Hairbrush? The short answer is, it's a “Hair Brush Designed with the professionals in mind.” The long answer is, it's much more.

In this situation, I think “more” really means “much more”. A Phillips is engineered to give the best performance of any hair brush designed for home use.

These brushes are also engineered by a famous stylist (as opposed to some anonymous employee of a giant corporation) for maximum strength and durability.

Phillips also uses only the highest-quality materials, and they are engineered to withstand years of heavy-duty use.

Want to know the truth? Many professional stylists actually prefer a Phillips over other brushes. Why? Simply because the design makes it easy to achieve that perfect “hard-edge” look that is so important in styling the hair.

Here's how a Phillips works: Hard, stiff bristles are glued into a handle. The bristles are then cut at an angle, which causes them to “fan out” or “splay” as they enter the hairs on the head of the brush.

In conclusion Phillips Brushes are great brush for every man and woman grooming kit. Order yours today, while supplies last.

 Phillips Brushes has been making the best hair brushes for generations now allegro beauty store is proud to announce that it has become an authorized online distributor of Phillips Brushes.

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