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5 Tips For Choosing A Perfect Professional Hair Dryer.

5 Tips For Choosing A Perfect Professional Hair Dryer.

The hair dryer has become one of the best allies when it comes to combing and styling.

How many times have we left the hairdressing salon with an exceptional hairstyle that looks healthy, shiny and silky, but when it comes to taking care of our hair at home we do not get that result and we wonder, Where are we failing?

The answer is: A professional hair dryer.

In recent years, hair dryers have evolved to be more comfortable, quiet and light. We can find dryers of all types, from the smallest to the most professional and expensive.

But how do I know how to choose a good hair dryer for my hair type? What characteristics should we consider to choose the best?

Power, materials, technology and durability are some of them. This time I want to give you five qualities that you should keep in mind when choosing a good professional hair dryer.

  1. Power

Power is one of the most important features when choosing a hair dryer and the ability to generate hot and cold air.

It is better to choose one that has more power for faster drying, decreasing energy consumption and achieving the desired results in less time.

    2. Materials and design

There are some materials that must have high quality dryers, so that with its use do not mistreat the hair.

  Ceramic: Instead of drying and damaging the hair like others, ceramic dryers emit infrared heat to dry the hair in a smooth and even. This form of heat seals the cuticle for a smoother finish.

  Ionic Technology: Just as hair irons emit negative ions and transform water into microparticles by evaporating one part of the water, while another is absorbed by the vapors, this helps to seal the cuticle and give our hair more shine and softness.

  Removable filter: To extend the life of our dryer is better to incorporate a removable filter for cleaning, to protect it from dirt, speck and hair residue ensuring optimum performance. An example of these is the professional dryer ILCHIM Light Ionic Hair Dryer which incorporates a removable filter so that it can be cleaned with ease and comfort.

  Ergonomic Handle: We know how hard a bulky hair dryer can be on the muscles of your arm and hand. Making the handle thinner and ergonomic will give a better feel in the hand.

   3. Weight : Another important aspect of the hair dryer is its weight for greater functionality of the stylist or ourselves. For a medium or long hair you can get to make more than 430 repetitive movements. In the case of the professionals, we would have to add the times that they dry the hair to their clients during a long day of work.

Weighing 35% lighter than most professional models, the Elchim Ionic Light ceramic hair dryer certainly lives up to its name. Not only does it give shine and body worthy of a beauty salon in half the time, but it also reduces fatigue and tension in the wrist and elbow.

   4. Accessories Accessories, such as nozzles or diffusers, are also essential when working because they provide different uses to the same dryer.

The nozzle concentrates heat and air into specific sections of your hair, makes drying more efficient and helps greatly with styling, making the end result absolutely wonderful.

Hair Diffusers are easy-to-use hair styling tools that not only deliver amazing results, but help protect hair against heat damage and promote a faster style.

A common complaint with broadcasters is their inability to stay in place. The ELCHIM diffusers are carefully designed to stay safe and not fall, even in the most aggressive style.

   5. Suitable temperature

One of the effects that we consider more important is if the air is too hot and we are damaging our hair. While it is true that just as it happens in our skin when we burn, if we use too much temperature in our hair can have consequences to make it weaker and brittle, but each type of hair has an optimum and adequate temperature.

It is recommended that we have a hair dryer in which you can regulate your temperature for each type of hair, which incorporates different speeds and a button of cold air to cool the hair faster and do not retain heat.

ELCHIM 2001 has been a two-time winner of the prestigious "Allure Best" award, the best hair dryer according to Life & Style and "Best Beauty Buy" for InStyle USA magazine.

Two speeds, five temperatures, high pressure air compression technology, reliable and efficient. It has been adopted by many hairdressers and schools thanks to the long life of its engine.

We know you have many options when it comes to buying a professional hair dryer. Choose a beauty shop that guarantees complete coverage in your guarantee and offers a guaranteed satisfaction option of at least thirty days, so in case you do not like the product you can return it in this period of time.

I hope this article clear your doubts when choosing your next hair dryer, if this is so you can share this article in your favorite social network.

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