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Scalpmaster Wooden Handle Straight Edge Razor Barber Razor Blade Razor Razor Barber 1 Pc.


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- Straight Edge Wooden handle Razor - Long lasting barber razor straight edge razor which is a timeless masterpiece for men’s classic shaving stainless steel.


- shaving razor For Men - single blade razors for men. Comfortable grip straight edge barber razor causes less vibration from the razor blade while shaving. Properly balanced, it is perfect for easy maneuvering and prevents strain on the wrist.

- Eyebrow razor - ergonomic designed with comfort and stability in mind, stainless steel handle straight edge razor performs well and provides the right holding angle to avoid discomfort and safe to use on eyebrows. Single blade razor.

- Barber supplies - for professional barber and stylists with the 1 mm blade exposure. This sturdy razor is ideal for any need to perform more precise and detailed work.

- Safe usage razor blades for men - to ensure safe usage at all times, you need to make sure that the blade is securely locked within the safety walls and the cap is in place. If the walls of the cap become lose with time and usage, just push the walls with a small amount of pressure when placing the blade and lock the cap to ensure that it stays in place. Barber blade.

Straight edge razor with 100% stainless steel blade provides a close, smooth shave without irritation. Features a textured thumb rest for precise control, and a rich, classic, wooden handle.

Measures: 6-1/4 inches long when closed; 9 inches long when open.


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