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Scalpmaster Boar Nylon Flexible Detangling Hair Brush Shines Drys Straightening Brush 1 Pc.


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- SCALPMASTER FLEXIBLE HAIR BRUSH – Our vented hair brush is designed with a thick handle shaped to fit in your hand perfectly, allowing you to brush with a more normal movement. Fits into almost any purse, gym bag, or drawer. The best brush for thick hair with boar bristles for brush. Vented flexible hair brush for hair drying detangling hair. Dimensions; 10 x 3 x 1.25 inches. FREE SHIPPING

- GLIDES THROUGH HAIR WITH EASE – Sclapmaster Flexible hair brush massages your scalp with every stroke. The brush is perfect for long hair, short hair, curly hair and straight hair. Massages you scalp. Cleanses and exfoliates your scalp. Stimulates blood circulation in the head area. Flexible, vented design speeds up drying time and contours to the shape of the head.

- GREAT FOR THINNING HAIR, THICKENING HAIR, BALDING OR HEALTHY SCALP - Gently remove dandruff and dead skin cells to improve blood circulation in the scalp while stimulating your scalp.

- VENTED DESIGN GIVES YOU MAXIMUM RESULTS – You’ll love how this vented hair brush grooms your strands to deliver hair that’s smooth, soft, and clean. The nylon-tipped bristles gently massage your scalp while you brush, either while styling with one of our volumizing dryers or simply brushing out your locks.

- SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - made of high quality materials and designed to last. We guarantee you will love them or your money back! Brush for hair stylist for braiding hair. This women's brush come with a 100% money back guaranteed.

The best hair brush for hair drying from Sclapmaster brushes. The light weight hair brush is used by professionals in salons and it makes the job of drying hair quicker shiny results, easier and more effective. The bristles are made from a special synthetic material that is gentle on your scalp and doesn't cause static electricity. It can be used on wet or dry hair.

This professional hairdryer brush has an ergonomic handle that fits perfectly into your hand, allowing you to hold it comfortably whilst blow drying your hair. It also features a hanging loop so you can store it easily when not in use.

Effective for any hair types. Vented brush grooms perfectly regardless of hair texture or length. From damaged and dry to thick and curly, or from thin and easily tangled to straight and sleek for max volume and shine.

Unique detangling brush with ball-tipped nylon bristles. Enhances the hair nylon bristles gently detangle without damaging hair. Flexible, vented design speeds up drying time and contours to the shape of the head. Perfect for all hair types.

Features Quadra-Flex technology allowing the brush to flex vertically and horizontally conforming to the shape of the head for easy detangling and scalp massaging. Dimensions; 10 x 3 x 1.25 inches.

Rounded-tipped bristles delivering a snag-free experience that eliminates stubborn knots, tugs, and tangles. For optimal results, apply a conditioner to damp hair and brush carefully from root to tip for smooth, sleek tresses.

Risk-free money-back guarantee. Your satisfaction and positive experience is our priority.

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Sclapmaster Cepillo para el cabello Cerdas de jabalí con punta de bola Ventilación flexible para secar el cabello Desenredar el cabello Mango de goma suave. Negro 1 Pza. 

- CEPILLO DE PELO FLEXIBLE SCALPMASTER - Nuestro cepillo de pelo ventilado está diseñado con un mango grueso que se adapta perfectamente a su mano, lo que le permite cepillar con un movimiento más normal. Cabe en casi cualquier bolso, bolsa de deporte o cajón. El mejor cepillo para cabello grueso con cerdas de jabalí como cepillo. Cepillo de pelo flexible ventilado para secar el cabello desenredando el cabello. Dimensiones; 10 x 3 x 1,25 pulgadas.

- SE DESLIZA POR EL CABELLO CON FACILIDAD - El cepillo de pelo flexible Sclapmaster masajea tu cuero cabelludo con cada pasada. El cepillo es perfecto para cabello largo, cabello corto, cabello rizado y cabello liso. Masajea tu cuero cabelludo. Limpia y exfolia tu cuero cabelludo. Estimula la circulación sanguínea en la zona de la cabeza. Ideal para adelgazar, engrosar el cabello, calvicie o cuero cabelludo saludable. Elimina suavemente la caspa y las células muertas de la piel para mejorar la circulación sanguínea en el cuero cabelludo mientras estimula el cuero cabelludo.

- EL DISEÑO VENTILADO LE OFRECE LOS MÁXIMOS RESULTADOS - Le encantará cómo este cepillo de pelo ventilado arregla sus mechones para brindar un cabello suave, suave y limpio. Las cerdas con punta de nailon masajean suavemente su cuero cabelludo mientras se cepilla, ya sea mientras se peina con uno de nuestros secadores voluminizadores o simplemente cepilla sus mechones.

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