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Scalpmaster 100% Boar Bristle Beard Brush Hair Brush 4 Row SC2220 2 pk.


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- Scalpmaster’s boar bristles beard brush is made of natural boar bristles for a better results. Wooden handles without lacquer and pure boar bristles beard brush is non-toxic and soft to use safely.

- Scalpmaster bear brush is great beard shape, styling and blowouts and perfect for finishing, smoothing and setting beard hair. Help to exfoliate and grow fuller and softer beard.

- Great for smoothing and grooming. Get rid of frizzy hair and split ends, while adding shine. Pocket size, perfect for travel or to keep in your purse, gym bag or backpack beard friendly. Great for beards long and short!

- This bear brush works very effective and soft on beard and hair. Wooden beard brush with 100% boar bristles portable for all kinds of beards. For a healthy and clean beard, this boar bristle beard brush is the perfect tool to achieve your desired look.

- The natural bristle hair on the brush can stimulate your facial hair and skin, making it stronger and healthier. It is easy to use: simply apply some good quality shampoo or conditioner onto the bristles, then massage into your scalp in circular motions.

SCALPMASTER 100% Boar Bristle brush is a portable beard brush with 100% boar bristles. The wooden handle makes it easy to grip and the boar bristles are perfect for untangling, softening, and styling your facial hair.

The best way to use this product is by wetting the boar bristle brush with warm water, then apply a small amount of shampoo or conditioner into the bristles and work up a lather.

Then start working through your beard from top to bottom in downward strokes. You can also use this product as part of your daily grooming routine after showering. nThis product works great on all types of beards including goatees, sideburn.

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