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Phillips Light Touch 7 Hair Brush Bi-Level Nylon Bristle Contour Smooth Handle Sapphire 1 Pc.


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- PHILLIPS LIGHT TOUCH 7 BI-LEVEL NYLON BRISTLE HAIR BRUSH - The Phillips Light Touch 7 Nylon Bristle Hair Brush is a must-have for any hair care enthusiast. This brush has an ergonomic handle that fits comfortably in your hand and a nylon bristle head that gently massages the scalp. Perfect hair brush for men and women. FREE SHIPPING

- PERFECT SIZE FOR MANY USES - The Phillips Light Touch 7 Nylon Bristle Hair Brush is perfect for everyday use, whether you're styling your hair or brushing out knots after washing it. It's also great for traveling because of its compact size and lightweight design. So gentle you can use it on kinds.

- BALL TIP ENDS - To protect from damage and breakage. Ideal for all hair types. Unique bi-level. The top level penetrates and holds the hair while the second level smoothes and finishes. Perfect to travel. Allegro Beauty Store.

Hi gloss sapphire handle. Beveled for easy handling. Phillips Light Touch 7 Hair Brush. Bi-Level nylon bristle contour smooth. Beveled hi gloss sapphire handle beveled for easy handling.

The Phillips Light Touch 7 Hair Brush Sapphire is a revolutionary hairbrush that uses two levels of bristles to deliver incredible results. The outer bristles work with the inner bristles to detangle wet or dry hair, remove tangles and smooth down flyaways.

This innovative brush works on all hair types and textures, from fine to coarse. It also includes a smooth glossy handle for comfortable styling and comes in a beautiful sapphire color that will look great on your vanity.

Phillips Light Touch 7 Hair Brush Sapphire Bi-Level Nylon Bristle Contour Smooth. Made in Japan. Dimension: 7.75 x 1.50 x 1.40 Inches Manufactured by a trusted American brand. The Phillips hair brush is made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to provide you with years of use!

Phillips Brushes unique bristle technology gives you the smoothest, most comfortable brushing experience available anywhere!

The Phillips Light Touch 7 Hair Brush is a great gift for men and women. The 3.3 oz lightweight brush smooths hair with every stroke. The contour, smooth handle provides comfort during use, making it easy to reach all areas of the scalp.

The Philips Light Touch 7 Hair Brush comes in sleek sapphire color that looks good in any bathroom or bedroom. It is not bulky or heavy to carry around during travel either!

Phillips has been providing innovative solutions for over generations, bringing joy and convenience to people’s lives through their products.

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Phillips Light Touch 7 Cepillo Para El Cabello Zafiro De Dos Niveles Contorno De Cerdas De Nailon Mango Liso 1 Unidad.

CEPILLO PHILLIPS LIGHT TOUCH 7 BI-LEVEL NYLON BRISTLE HAIR BRISTLE - El cepillo de pelo Phillips Light Touch con 7 cerdas de nailon es imprescindible para cualquier entusiasta del cuidado del cabello. Este cepillo tiene un mango ergonómico que se adapta cómodamente a la mano y un cabezal de cerdas de nailon que masajea suavemente el cuero cabelludo. Cepillo de pelo perfecto para hombres y mujeres.

- TAMAÑO PERFECTO PARA MUCHOS USOS - El cepillo de pelo de cerdas de nailon Phillips Light Touch 7 es perfecto para el uso diario, ya sea que esté peinando su cabello o cepillando los nudos después de lavarlo. También es ideal para viajar debido a su tamaño compacto y diseño liviano. Tan suave que puedes usarlo en tipos.

- EXTREMOS DE LA PUNTA DE LA BOLA: para proteger de daños y roturas. Ideal para todo tipo de cabello. Único de dos niveles. El nivel superior penetra y sujeta el cabello mientras que el segundo nivel alisa y termina. Perfecto para viajar.

Mango de zafiro brillante. Biselado para un fácil manejo. Cepillo de pelo Phillips Light Touch 7. Contorno de cerdas de nailon de dos niveles liso. Mango biselado de zafiro de alto brillo biselado para un fácil manejo.

El cepillo para el cabello Phillips Light Touch 7 Sapphire es un cepillo para el cabello revolucionario que utiliza dos niveles de cerdas para brindar resultados increíbles. Las cerdas exteriores trabajan con las cerdas interiores para desenredar el cabello húmedo o seco, eliminar los enredos y suavizar los cabellos sueltos.

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