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Pegasus 123 Hard Rubber Steel Pin Coarse Teeth Pintail comb Heat Chemical Resistant 1 pc.


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  • 10 Inch  hight heat resistant hair comb and antistatic comb. Perfect foiling combs.
  • Steel pin  that will not rust rounded at the end.
  • Chemical Resistant Comb, will not degenerate in barbicide solutions.
  • Flexible Seamless teeth for smooth combing, will not catch and break hair.
  • Genuine hard rubber, superior to carbon. Made with Flexinite
  • Gently on your hair and your scalp.

Pegasus combs with 100% hard rubber and FLEXINITE technology. Static-free. Flexible, strong and durable. Works great with your flat iron and hair blower.

What's more amazing is that FLEXINITE mimics hair and flexibly moves when treated with heat and chemicals; so the hair glides through smoothly with minimal hair damage! And when the comb with Flexinite cools down, FLEXINITE regains its original shape.

This makes FLEXINITE one of the best technologies in the world for styling, for cutting, for helping protect the goodness of expensive hair treatments or simply to comb wet or dry hair. FLEXINITE is light, washable, incredibly strong and colorful.

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