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My Team Cape

My Team Capes Barbers Cutting Cape NFL and MLB Salon Capes 1 Pc.


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Officially licensed NFL salon capes and MLB cutting capes.

NFL Barbers Cape and MBL Barbers Cape.

55 Inches width by 60 inches in Length. Adjustable snap closure to fit varying neck sizes. 


Adjustable snap closure makes it suitable for any size. Hair cutting cape Includes Fits neck sizes 11 inches (child) by 22 inches (XL adult)

Stainless steel snap closure 100 % polyester. Makes it long lasting and portable. Professional use of at home.

Sublimation printing Comfortable lightweight material.

Machine washable. Capes not intended to be used as a chemical cape. Wipe clean, machine-wash warm, or dry-clean. The hairdresser cape is easy to clean and drys quickly.

Usually ships in business days.

52 Teams Available:

  1. Arizona
  2. Cardinals
  3. Philadelphia
  4. Phillies
  5. Minnesota
  6. Vikings
  7. New Orleans Saints
  8. New York Mets
  9. Kansas City Chiefs
  10. Detroit Lions
  11. Milwaukee Brewers
  12. Atlanta Braves
  13. Washington Redskins
  14. Houston Astros
  15. Houston Texans
  16. Minnesota Twins
  17. Tampa Bay Rays
  18. Miami Marlins
  19. Kansas City Royals
  20. Atlanta Falcons
  21. Carolina Panthers
  22. Miami Dolphins
  23. Indianapolis Colts
  24. Los Angeles Chargers
  25. Baltimore Ravens
  26. Jacksonville Jaguars
  27. Tennessee Titans
  28. Buffalo Bills
  29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  30. Cincinnati Bengals
  31. Cleveland Browns
  32. Dallas Cowboys
  33. Chicago Cubs
  34. New York Yankees
  35. Green Bay Packers
  36. Denver Broncos
  37. Boston Red Soxs
  38. New England Patriots
  39. Pittsburgh Steelers
  40. Los Angeles Dodgers
  41. St. Louis Cardinals
  42. Seattle Seahawks
  43. Philadelphia Eagles
  44. Chicago Bears
  45. Oakland Raiders
  46. Chicago White Sox
  47. San Francisco Giants
  48. Los Angeles Angels
  49. New York Jets
  50. San Francisco 49ers
  51. New York Giants
  52. Los Angeles Rams

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