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Krest Combs

Krest Goldilocks G16 Heat Resistant Parting Combs Sectioning Combs Dupont Delrin 8.5 In. 1 Pc.


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- COMBS FOR HAIRSTYLIST, BARBERS AND FOR HOME - Styling combs Krest Goldilocks 16 Heat Resistant. They offer gentle comfort on your scalp, a comfortable grip and a design that lasts through everyday use.Manufactured exclusively from Dupont  Delrin acetal polymer a 100% professional graded thermal material. Made in the USA. FREE SHIPPING

- PARTING COMBS MADE OF QUALITY DUPONT DELRIN  - Dupont Delrin withstands the extreme heats of blow drying, is virtually static free for no hair-raising combing. Extra Large Barber Combs combine proper rigidity and flexibility in a high-quality material that will last for years without breaking or bending. These styling comb are definitely all purpose hair combs for you! So gentle that can be used as kids comb. 

- WILL NOT ABSORB STERILIZING SOLUTIONS - These combs for hair stylist, barbers, cosmetologists and stylists. These hair cutting comb will not absorb sterilizing solutions, perms, conditioners, shampoos oil water etc. These hair comb for men are very smooth with glossy surface to run through hair without snagging or pulling your hair out. You can use this on wet or dry hair. They can be used on all types of hair.

- VERSATILE ENOUGH TO USE ON ANY TYPE OF HAIR LENGTH -   Burgundy color. Each pack of 1 comes sealed. These combs are ultra glossy, smooth-as-silk surface, glides with flow-through combing, never dragging or tangling. they are also great for partition hair. Dimensions: 8.5 x 1.11 x 0.19 inches.

- SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - made of high quality materials and designed to last. We guarantee you will love them or your money back! Brush for hair stylist for braiding hair. This women's brush come with a 100% money back guaranteed. These professional combs also make great gifts!

Dimensions: 8.5 x 1.11 x 0.19 inches. Hair parting combs are designed to be used for styling bear, mustache and trimming eyebrows. It is also one of the most popular combs among barbershops and hair salons all over the world!

This combs for braiding are versatile enough to use on any type of hair length. Barber combs has a square back non-slip handle that makes it easy to grip while cutting hair or beard with scissors or clippers

Krest goldilock 16 are hear resistant the best combs for hair dryers, perfectly blends strength and flexibility to be absolutely guaranteed. Standard barber combs also great for hair cuts at home. Dupont Delrin the best alternative to plastic.

Strong for combing and sectioning your hair. while other combs made out hard rubber. Molecules tighten to prolong, they only get better with time.

Hight heat resistant, now you have a hair comb that can be used in many situations including while you style with a hair dryer, hot iron or a hot hair brush.

Krest Goldilocks thermal professional hair combs made of Dupont Delrin material. Make the switch form hard rubber Dupont Delrin.

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- PEINES PARA LISTA DE PELUQUERÍA, BARBEROS Y PARA EL HOGAR - Peines de peinado Krest Goldilocks 16 Resistentes al Calor. Ofrecen una comodidad suave en el cuero cabelludo, un agarre cómodo y un diseño que dura el uso diario. Fabricado exclusivamente con polímero de acetal Dupont Delrin, un material térmico de grado 100% profesional. Fabricado en EE. UU.

- PEINES DE REPARACIÓN DE DUPONT DELRIN DE CALIDAD - Dupont Delrin resiste los calores extremos del secado con secador, es prácticamente libre de estática para no peinarse. Los peines de barbero extragrandes combinan la rigidez y la flexibilidad adecuadas en un material de alta calidad que durará años sin romperse ni doblarse. ¡Estos peines de peinado son definitivamente peines para el cabello para todo uso! Tan suave que se puede usar como peine para niños.

- NO ABSORBE SOLUCIONES ESTERILIZANTES - Estos peines para peluqueros, barberos, cosmetólogos y estilistas. Este peine para cortar el cabello no absorberá soluciones esterilizantes, permanentes, acondicionadores, champús, aceite, agua, etc. Estos peines para hombres son muy suaves y tienen una superficie brillante para pasar por el cabello sin engancharse ni arrancarse el cabello. Puedes usar esto en cabello húmedo o seco. Se pueden utilizar en todo tipo de cabello.

- SUFICIENTE VERSÁTIL PARA USAR EN CUALQUIER TIPO DE LONGITUD DE CABELLO - Color burdeos. Cada paquete de 1 viene sellado. Estos peines son ultrabrillantes, con una superficie lisa como la seda, se deslizan con un peinado fluido, nunca se arrastran ni se enredan. también son ideales para particionar el cabello. Dimensiones: 8.5 x 1.11 x 0.19 pulgadas.

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