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Delta Gloves

Disposable Vinyl Clear Gloves Powder Free Examination Gloves1 Box 100 each.


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  • Great for home kitchen or office cleaning, cooking, janitorial, housekeeping and hobbies applications. 1 box of 100 each.
  • Gloves made of thick vinyl, these gloves are a great way to keep you in compliance with health code regulations.
  • Flexible and resilient. Easy to put on and remove, these vinyl gloves offer a consistent fit.
  • We offer four sizes for your convenience: X-Large, Large, Medium and Small
  • The powder-free material is easy to slip on and off and the comfortable fit doesn't get in the way of your tasks.

Providing the right size gloves for each of your staff members is a key component to safe food handling. That’s we offer four sizes to choose from.

We understand that gloves that are too large may fall off and gloves that are too small are more susceptible to rips and tears.

Enjoy our ambidextrous design. These gloves will fit either hand for fast, efficient gloving. The perforated box allows for easy and sanitary one-at-a-time glove dispensing.

Our gloves are perfect for light-duty tasks ideal for tasks that require constant glove changing within your food service operation, these gloves are perfect for tossing salads and making ready-to-order sandwiches.

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