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Cricket Ultimate Styling Static-Free RPM 12XL Round Brush


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  • Perfect for Short Hair: Use the Cricket Static-Free 8 Row Round Brush to create tight, perfect curls in short hair. With a barrel size of just 1 1/4 inches, it's the smallest in our range but packs a punch.
  • Medium Bouncy Curls: Our Static-Free 12 Row Round Brush is your go-to tool for achieving medium-sized, springy curls that hold their shape.
  • For Extra Body and Large Curls: The Cricket Static-Free 12XL Round Brush brings life to your locks, creating more body or large loose curls depending on your preference.
  • Professional Shaping Tool: Use our round brushes to style and shape your hair to perfection for a polished, finished look.
  • Gentle on Hair: Featuring 100% static-free, non-tangling bristles, our brushes are gentle on your hair, minimizing the risk of split ends and damage.


Introducing the Cricket Ultimate Styling Static-Free RPM 12XL Round Brush – the ultimate tool for achieving a variety of styles while ensuring the health of your hair. This hair brush is designed to help curl and style your hair while significantly reducing fly-aways caused by static electricity.

The 100% static-free bristles are non-tangling and incredibly gentle on your hair, helping to prevent split ends and damage. Ideal for adding lift and body, creating curl and building volume, they make blow drying a breeze.

The specially contoured rubber handle offers added comfort, making styling easier – even for the professional stylist. Embrace the versatility of our Cricket Static-Free Round Brushes and witness the transformation in your hair styling routine.

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