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Cricket Smoothing Boar Mix Hair Brush - Boar & Nylon Bristles for Styling & Smoothing


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  • Dual Bristle Design: Features a unique mix of rich boar and anti-static nylon bristles for easier hair pick-up and a sleek, smooth finish.
  • Enhances Shine: Designed to smooth hair and reduce flyaways, promoting a high-shine, polished look with every stroke.
  • Comfortable Use: Soft, air-cushioned oval pad and ergonomically designed handle ensure maximum comfort during styling.
  • Ideal for Hair Extensions: Gently detangles and maintains the freshness of hair extensions without damaging bonds or tapes.
  • Professional Stylist Favorite: A must-have tool for hair stylists and barbers, perfect for creating smooth, shiny hair with body and volume across all hair types, including natural and synthetic wigs.

Elevate your hair styling game with the Cricket Smoothing Boar Mix Hair Brush, a professional-grade tool designed to blend functionality with comfort.

This dual-bristle brush combines the best of both worlds: the natural conditioning powers of boar bristles with the detangling prowess of nylon bristles, making it the ultimate tool for achieving luscious, smooth, and shiny hair.

Whether you're aiming for a sleek, flyaway-free style or looking to gently detangle hair extensions, this brush caters to all your needs.

Its flared bristle pattern not only shapes and styles with precision but also massages the scalp, distributing natural oils for an unbeatable shine.

Designed with both the professional stylist and the everyday user in mind, its comfortable, ergonomic handle and soft cushion pad make styling a breeze, even during prolonged use.

Ideal for all hair types, including those with extensions and wigs, the Cricket Smoothing Boar Mix Hair Brush is the essential tool for anyone seeking a polished, finished look with minimal effort.

Add it to your styling arsenal today and experience the difference in comfort and quality.

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