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Cricket Copper Clean Designer Sculpt Paddle Hair Brush with Copper Bristles 1 Count


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  • Reduces Hair Buildup: Copper-coated bristles are engineered to lessen natural hair buildup, promoting cleaner, shinier hair.
  • Enhances Shine: Designed to smooth and add a luminous shine to your hair, making it look healthier.
  • Comfortable Use: Features a contoured soft handle and an extra-soft air cushion for a pain-free styling experience.
  • Gentle Detangling: Glides through hair effortlessly, detangling without pulling or snagging, suitable for daily grooming.
  • Note for Styling: Ideal for use on hair styling; avoid using with a blow dryer to prevent bristles from getting too hot.

The Cricket Copper Clean Designer Sculpt Paddle Brush revolutionizes daily grooming and detangling with its copper-coated bristles, designed to reduce hair buildup and enhance shine.

Crafted for comfort, it features a contoured handle and an extra-soft air cushion, ensuring a smooth, pain-free styling experience.

This brush not only detangles effortlessly but also promotes a healthier, shinier hair appearance without snagging or pulling. Ideal for use on dry hair, it's the perfect addition to your haircare routine, offering professional-quality results at home. Note:

Avoid using this brush when blow-drying, as the copper-coated bristles may get too hot.

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