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Carbon Comb Heat Comb Multi Purpose Comb Heat Resistant 1 Pc


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- Please pick one of the any of the combs. In this listing you will find many combs styles like. Carbon cutting combs, hair styling combs, combs sets, Rattail combs, pintail combs for foiling, wide tooth comb, combs for women, wide tooth comb for curly hair and more.
- Cricket carbon combs are perfect all around carbon cutting comb. Sturdy with perfect size for any hair styling and hair cutting need. with the ability to use with extreme heat, remain durable, reduce static, and be lightweight all while being unusually strong, with very little flexibility.

- Static free for eliminating fly-away hair. Great for all types of hair. Durable hair combs, works well on thick and thing hair. Comfortable to use for professional use and at home.

- Cricket carbon ombs are one of the lightest, strongest, most durable combs in the professional industry. Because of the composition of the carbon material,These hair combs are static free.

This eliminates fly-away hair during the cutting process. Cricket Carbon Combs weigh less than an ounce which ensures ultimate comfort during usage.
Combs are manufactured with seamless teeth which guarantees smooth flow through hair and eliminates snagging and pulling. Consistent tooth pattern provides even distribution and wider sectioning ability when cutting or applying semi-permanent hair color.


C20 ALL-PURPOSE CUTTING / Carbon Comb C20 All Purpose Cutting Comb Perfect all around cutting comb 5515210

C25 MULTI-PURPOSE / Carbon Comb C25 Multi Purpose Comb Consistent tooth pattern for wider sectioning ability

C30 POWER / Carbon Comb C30 Power Comb parting comb Ideal comb for moving and controlling heavy, thick hair

C50 FINE TOOTHED RATTAIL / Carbon Comb C50 Fine Toothed Rattail Comb Great for teasing and back combing; tail is ideal for weaving and sectioning

STYLIST 4 PACK / Carbon Comb Stylist 4 Pack (1 ea C20, C25, C30 & C50) Contains one each of C20, C25, C30 & C50

C50M FINE TOOTH METAL RATTAIL / Carbon Comb C50M Fine Toothed Rattail Comb Narrow tooth spacing provides intense controlled tension, metal tail for styling versatility

C55M MEDIUM TOOTH METAL RATTAIL / Carbon Comb C55M Medium Tooth Metal Rattail Consistent tooth pattern provides equal stroke tension, metal tail for styling versatility

CARBON METAL DUO STYLING PACK / Carbon Comb C50M and C55M Duo Styling Pack Contains one of each C50M & C55M

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