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Allegro Combs

Allegro Combs Teasing Pintail Rattail Foiling Combs Hair Styling Hair Parting Hair Coloring Foils Combs For Highlighting USA Black 2 Pcs.


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- GET THE PARTING YOU WANT - With these hair comb, no more fussing with unruly hair! These teasing combs will help you achieve the perfect parting, foiling for coloring, hair cutting and hair teasing every time. Parting comb with a variety of tooth lengths, With these set of combs, there's one for every style. Dimensions: 8 x 1 x 0.24 inches. Made in the USA.

- STERILIZABLE  COMBS WILL NOT ABSORBE AND COLOR WILL NOT FADE IN BARBICIDE - These hair cutting combs will not absorb sterilizing solutions, perms, conditioners, shampoos, oil, water, etc. These combs can be used for wet and dry hair cuts and in many hair styling situations. Colors in comb will NOT fade in disinfectants and other liquids.

- TEASE TO ADD VOLUME TO YOUR HAIR - The uneven tooth on these fine tooth combs makes teasing your hair a breeze. Just comb through your hair. With these teasing, parting combs for braiding hair, you can create the perfect hairstyle for any occasion. The pintail rat tail allows for precise control. The teeth of this combs for hair stylist allow you to tease the hair for volume or create a part on either side of the head. 

- ROUNDED TEETH FOR SMOOTH CUTTING - The specially rounded teeth glide through hair without snagging, making it easy to get the precise cut you want. And because they're non-absorbent, they won't soak up all of your precious styling products.

- TAIL COMB ROUNDED FINGER REST FOR COMFORT - fine rat tail comb, braid parting combs for long time use without fatigue. With these comb with rat tail you can keep your fingers happy with our comfortable finger rest. Foiling combs for highlighting are specially designed to fit snugly in your hand and make styling easier than ever.

Looking for a professional set of combs that will not harm your scalp? Look no further than these braiding comb made of nitrile rubber combs from Allegro Combs. With a smooth, shiny surface and rounded tooth, black comb are perfect for hair coloring, hair foiling, and hair cutting. Made in the USA. They come in a black traditional color.

Braiding comb for parting, durable and long-lasting stain resistant material, they are ideal for use in barbershops, hair salons, and at home. Black pintail rattail teasing comb is a great tool for styling and maintaining your hair. The best tools for your hair dye kit.

These are a essential tool in your hair bleaching kit, teeth of this comb allow you to tease the hair for volume or create a part on either side of the head. This barber and hair stylist comb is used by people around the world. French braid tool for hair It is made in America with quality materials that will last you for years to come.

The Allegro Combs with pick on the end, Teasing Hair Styling Combs are a great choice for hair weaving, hair parting and braiding hair and other hair styles. The smooth rounded tail ends are great for teasing your hair to add volume. And the perfect size for professional results teasing combs for women.

Rattail, pintail and combs are designed for styling and to give volume to the hair. These pintail Allegro Combs can be used to separate hair into sections and make a ponytail or braid also for hair coloring. Rattail is great for teasing the roots of your hair and making it fuller, more voluminous looking. Pintail is great for parting your hair in different directions or making French braids.

Get the perfect hair part with these professional-grade rattail combs, you can part your hair any way you want. The sleek, rounded tooth design ensures that your hair stays in place, while the soft finger rest prevents painful pulling.


- OBTENGA LA PARTIDA QUE DESEA - ¡Con este peine para el cabello, no más problemas con el cabello rebelde! Estos peines para dar volumen lo ayudarán a lograr el volumen perfecto, cortar y peinar el cabello en todo momento. Peine de cola con una variedad de longitudes de dientes. Con este juego de peines, hay uno para cada estilo. Hecho en los EE. UU.

- LOS PEINES ESTERILIZABLES NO SE ABSORBEN Y EL COLOR NO SE DESVANECERÁ EN BARBICIDE - Estos peines para cortar el cabello no absorberán soluciones esterilizantes, permanentes, acondicionadores, champús, aceite, agua, etc. Estos peines se pueden usar para cortes de cabello húmedo y seco y en muchos Situaciones de peinado. Los colores en peine NO se desvanecerán en desinfectantes y otros líquidos. Dimensiones: 8 x 1 x 0.24 pulgadas.

- AÑADIR VOLUMEN A TU CABELLO - El dentado irregular de estos peines de dientes finos hace que retocar tu cabello sea muy fácil. Solo peina tu cabello. Con estos peines de cola de metal para trenzar el cabello, puedes crear el peinado perfecto para cualquier ocasión. La cola de rata pintail permite un control preciso. Los dientes de este peine para peluquero te permiten peinar el cabello para darle volumen o crear una raya a cada lado de la cabeza.

- DIENTES REDONDEADOS PARA UN CORTE SUAVE - Los dientes especialmente redondeados se deslizan por el cabello sin engancharse, lo que facilita obtener el corte preciso que desea. Y debido a que no son absorbentes, no absorberán todos tus preciados productos para peinar.

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