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Allegro Combs

Allegro Combs Professional Nail Files Hard Shell Soft Sponge Nail Filer. Cushioned Filers Grits 120, 220 or 280. 3 Pcs.


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SPONGY NAIL FILER - Pick among these three different grits finger nail files set. Each order of each 3 pieces wrapped. Nail file with soft sponge abrasive smooth enough the will not cut or damage cuticles. Hard shell on one side and a soft sanding sponge on the other. Long-lasting premium nail files for acrylic nails. Also great for natural nails. Disinfectable nail files. Precision detailing around delicate areas. Little or no grit residue. Fingernail files and toenail files made in The USA.

COLOR TEAL FINE 120 GRIT - The color teal nail files are one of the most common use grit for natural nails. Also great for cleaning and removing the top layers of gel polish or for finishing acrylic nails. Also used to reach the length down. 


COLOR PURPLE SUPER FINE 220 GRIT - Allegro Combs Professional Nail Files color purple are used to finish gel nails. You can also use them to prep nails especially before using the UV gel polish application. Professional nail salon supplies filers for acrylic nails.

COLOR BERRY ULTRA FINE 280 GRIT - Allegro Combs Professional Nail Files color berry is gentle enough to use on natural nails. Best nail file for second step. You can also use this files during manicure to eliminate ridges from natural nails and make the whole surface even and smooth before to nail polish. They are also great to eliminates scratches on acrylic nails.

MADE IN THE USA - with the trust and reliability of a product designed and made in the USA. Allegro Combs Professional Nail Files has worked hard to bring the best nail files with Dimensions: 5 x1.10 x 0.21 inches. Good for natural and fake nails.

Allegro Combs Professional Nail Files for natural nails. 120, 220, 280 grit are good for natural and fake nails. Each includes 3 nail filers. Color Teal Fine 120 nail files are great for removing the top layers of gel polish or  for finishing acrylic nails. The 220 grit is a good middle ground choice that can be used to shape and finish. Use the 280 grit If you wanted a more smoother finish.

Hard shell soft sponge grey sanding sponge. Dimensions: 5 x1.10 x 0.21 inches. Works great in the details around delicate areas of your nails. Plastic shell for pushing back cuticles used by professionals and at home. Durable and long lasting premium quality. Loved by nail technicians. made in the USA.

The most durable boards for natural nails. This uniquely designed nail file features a sponge abrasive side that is as durable. Made of soft sand sponge for comfort. The abrasive is smooth enough it won’t cut cuticles, leaves little or no gritty residue, can be used with a nail tech’s favorite oils and is completely disinfectable. On one sides it has a smooth plastic that keeps a tech’s hand safely away from the abrasive and can also be used to push back cuticles making it a 2-in-1 tool. Perfect choice for all finish and prep work or to remove ridges.

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