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Allegro Combs

Allegro Combs Foot File Spongy Callus Rasp Foot Scrubber Callus Rasp Remover Foot Care Pedicure Rasp For Feet


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- Allegro Combs foot callus scrubber is an excellent tool to keep your feet smooth and clean and ready to wear sandals. Designed and made in the USA. FREE SHIPPING.

- When dry, callused skin, recover the softness and texture of your skin with the soft foot scrubber that works great on dry feet and calluses, keep your feet always smooth and clean. Dimensions: Large: 9.25 x 2.25 x 0.25 In. / Small: 6.50 x 2.0 x 5.0 In.

- Great for removing the dead skin layers gently and get your feet the appearance of young skin and cleanness. Use this callus remover to easily to detail around your heel, plantar and toes thanks to the great handle.

- Experience the feeling of soft feet with the best Foot Care Pedicure to remove the hard skin, also it can be used on dry or wet feet. For long-lasting use, please keep dry and away from humidity after every use.

- Our Foot Scrubbers are 100% made in the USA, we guarantee absolute satisfaction or your money back. Available in large and small sizes. Great for travel and for spas. Disinfectable and washable design for long-lasting use.

The Allegro Foot Scrubber is completely disinfectable and washable, use it every time you desire to groom your feet and get the Spa Pedicure appearance.
Clean safety in detail the hard skin of your heels, plantar and toes with its double grit design and smooth and spongy surfaces.

Remove the callus skin on your feet and restore the glow appearance, this tool is ideal to use at Spa or at Home. Get professional results since the first use or we will give your money back.

If you are going to travel, take the mini foot file with you and groom your feet anywhere with little or not grit residue and its Soft Spongy abrasive.

Caution: Excessive use can remove normal skin layers. Do not use it on eczema, Psoriasis, warts or diseased skin areas.

To disinfect: Wash and clean, then immerse for one hour in a high level tuberculocidal disinfectant.

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