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Allegro 441 - 8.5" Rat Tail Combs for Braiding & Parting, Fine Teeth, Set of 12


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  • These made in the USA rounded fine-tooth combs from Allegro Combs are the perfect tool to create professional hair styles in every type of hair, Like short hair, medium or long hair. With square back for better gripping and rounded end tail for smooth hair parting and weaving. FREE SHIPPING.

  • With these colorful Rat tail Combs you can create spectacular hairstyles on all hair types, straight hair, curly hair or with waves in a neat and professional way. Pick your favorite colors that matches your decor or to keep your unique colors separate from other stylists.

  • Made of Nitrile Rubber material you will be able to use this pack of rattail combs with any perm solution such as conditioners, oils, shampoos, etc. And they will not get stained and the colors will not changed of fade. Dimensions: 8.5 x 1 x 0.24 inches

  • The Allegro Comb #441 Rattail Model is perfect for a professional hair stylist, with the best quality materials it will keep their original color and texture through the time, no matter how frequently you use them. They disinfectable with any method used by professional and reusable.
  • These model Allegro Combs 441 is great to section the hair for perm, highlight or roller it, working your technique perfectly comfortably and slightly tangle-free like the best beauty salon. With smooth bullnose style handle for long time use that will not hurt your index finger.

The Allegro Combs Rat Tail 441 model are designed to be the best hair styling item for professionals hairdressers and barbers to shape the hair at home now with trending colors.

These Rattail model has fine and rounded teeth to protect the scalp, Extra-long tail, Rounded tail tip and square back to section, parting and styling the hair to apply coloring and treatments. The tail of this comb can be used to separate and pull out portions of the hair making the styling easier.
he dimensions of these rattail comb models are 8.5 x 1 x 0.24 inches of 100% Nitrile Rubber made in the USA to ensure a comfortable and easy handle in every use. We guarantee the flexibility and durability of this material or we get your money back. Section, perm fold, highlight and perm any type of hair precisely with the best professional tail comb.

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