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Tropical Shine

Tropical Shine Nail File Medium 180/Fine 240 Grit Emery Boards Fingernail Files 1 Pc.


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  •  File size: 7 inches long by 0.75 inches wide. Emery boards for nail. 1 per order.
  • Colorful nail file collection. Nail files for natural nails 12 colors to choose.
  • Featuring 12 fun nail salon boards in different prints. Fingernail files. Professional nail file.
  • Long-lasting nail files and premium quality. Emery boards
  • Emery boards for natural nails and acrylic nails. Emery boards for natural nails.
  • Perfect for nail art. Medium 180/Fine 240 grit.
  • Made in The USA.


These Tropical Shine nail file are well know by nail professional and also DIYs. They are great for easily help you trim or shape natural nail and acrylic nails. This colorful nail files also can be used to remove gel from your nail.

Tropical shine nail file are designed with round ends and double sides, nice sturdy and durable nail files. File size: 7 inches long by 0.75 inches wide makes the perfect size for travel. The Width is about 0.16 inches, which can provide you a rather comfortable nail filing experience.

This collections has 12 different colorful emery boards to bring you a good mood. Ideal For Home and your purse.

We have all this styles available:

Pineapple File #707577      

Peacock File #707572         

Lips File #707562                

Circles File #707566            

Unicorn File #707578        

Rainbow File #707562        

Chevron File #707573        

Leopard File #707550        

Girls File #707579               

Purple Glitter #707575         

Pink Glitter #707574                

light Blue Glitter #707576


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