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Marilyn Brush Tuxedo Pro Brush, 1 3/4 Inch


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Title: Marilyn Brush Tuxedo Pro Brush, 1 3/4 Inch - Perfect for Creating Volume in Fine to Medium Hair

Bullet Points:

  • Dual-Length Bristles: Features a unique combination of short and long bristles designed specifically to lift even the finest of hairs, ensuring every strand is reached.
  • Ideal for Medium Hair: Tailored specifically for medium hair types, but also great for those with fine hair seeking extra volume.
  • Natural Boar Bristles: Made with 100% natural boar bristles for a gentle yet effective brushing experience that promotes healthy, shiny hair.
  • Angled Bristles for Volume: The bristles are angled precisely to the barrel to maximize volume creation during styling.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Dimensions of 1.75 x 1.75 x 7 inches and a weight of just 1.6 ounces make this brush easy to handle and perfect for styling on the go.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for fine to medium hair textures, enhancing versatility for a wide range of styling needs.

Discover the secret to voluminous hair with the Marilyn Brush Tuxedo Pro Brush, 1 3/4 Inch. Specially crafted for those with fine to medium hair, this brush is your ultimate ally in the battle for volume.

The innovative design features a combination of short and long bristles, meticulously arranged to lift your hair from every angle, offering the volume you've always desired.

At the heart of the Tuxedo Pro Brush lies the commitment of Marilyn Brush to redefine the art of hair brushing and styling.

Whether you're preparing for a day at the office or a night out, the Tuxedo Pro Brush is designed to meet your needs. Its 100% natural boar bristles are gentle on the scalp and hair, promoting a healthy shine while effectively detangling and styling. The bristles are also angled to the barrel, enhancing volume with every stroke.

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