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Krest Combs

Krest Bone Comb 8-1/2 In. Heat Resistant Comb. Stylist Combs. Flat Iron Comb


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  • Scratch-free  comb. Hair cutting comb.
  • Polished comb, Tangle-Free. Stylist or barber comb.
  • Anti-Static bone stylist comb.
  • High-quality bone comb great to use with flat iron and hair dryer and hot brushes.
  • Light-weight makes it easy on professionals hair stylists, specially in those long days.

8-1/2 Inches Long All-Purpose Styling, Cutting, Finger Waving Hair Comb. High-quality bone hair stylist or barber’s Comb.

Krest combs are designed with the selective professional in mind and made exclusively for your hair styling needs.

Krest bone combs are manufactured to satisfy even the most demanding user and clients. Used in the daily basis by hair dressers in salons all over the world.

Each comb is comb is sanded and polished until it reaches a smooth surface. Heat resistant which is what you need as a professional and at home.

Easy to clean. The more you use it the better it gets.

100% professional quality for combining proper rigidity. Super bone comb are extremely durable and heat resistant.

Detangles and retains volume. Perfectly matched teeth to eliminate drag, spit ends or scratching.

No. 605 8-1/2 Inches Long All-Purpose Styling/Cutting

UPC: 034687224879

Weights in the pack: 1.4 oz

Dimensions: L 8.5 x W 1.25 x H 0.25 inch

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