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Cricket Ultra Clean Non-Slip Grip Hair Clips


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  • Non-Slip Control: Engineered with ridged finger indentations, these clips offer superior grip and placement control, ensuring effortless styling and maximum comfort.

  • Robust Tension Spring: Equipped with a heavy-duty tension spring, these clips are versatile enough to securely hold both thin and thick sections of hair without budging.

  • Secure Grip Edges: The grooved edges of the clip are specifically designed to stay put, effectively securing your hair sections throughout the styling process.

  • Precision Sectioning: The bottom of each clip doubles as a sectioning tool, allowing for precise hair sectioning and easier styling.

Crafted for durability and ease of use, Cricket Ultra Clean Non-Slip Grip Hair Clips are the perfect addition to your styling toolkit, providing reliability and precision for every hair type and style.

Whether you're a professional stylist demanding the best tools for your craft or someone who appreciates the value of quality hair accessories at home, these clips are designed to exceed your expectations.

Experience unmatched styling precision with Cricket Ultra Clean Non-Slip Grip Hair Clips, meticulously designed for both professional stylists and home use.

These hair clips boast an array of features tailored to meet the needs of any hair type and styling requirement.

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