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Aristocrat 1145 space tease combs Wide Tooth Teasing Lift Vented Hair Combs Space Tooth Barber Stylist Curly Hair Made In The USA black 12 Pcs.


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ADD EXTRA VALUME TO YOUR HAIR FINISHING BRUSH - The Aristocrat 1145 7 In. space tease combs black combs for women, teasing and lift combs are what you need to reach that height of locks. These spaced teeth with less tension for thick hair texture combs have spaces between the teeth and larger diameter. Dimensions: 7 x 1.24 x 0.19 in.

PERFECT TOOL TO ADD LIFT TO YOUR HAIR - These teasing comb wide toothed comb for fine or thick hair are an excellent choice for adding volume to your hair. These parting combs incorporates venting teeth, which reduces the opportunity for breakage and or tugging on your strands. Great for afro and curly hair. You'll spend less time styling while looking effortlessly chic. They can also be used a shampoo combs. Travel combs MADE IN THE USA.

GREAT FINISHING BARBER AND HAIRSTYLIST COMB - Give your hair the boost of volume before you head out feeling like a million bucks with these styling combs. You can use it after applying any hair product and it won't ruin the hair combs. These space combs 7 inches long teasing lift combs are perfect for all your complicated styles. Styling combs for wigs, braiding, synthetic hair and natural.

THESE COMBS WILL NOT ABSORB STERILIZING SOLUTIONS - These mens teasing comb for fine hair and wet hair or thick hair for hair stylist, barbers, cosmetologists and stylists. These all purpose combs will not absorb sterilizing solutions, perms, conditioners, shampoos oil water etc. It is made of quality plastic  which makes it durable and long lasting. Comb set hair foils with trendy and standout colors.

VERSATILE ENOUGH TO USE ON ANY TYPE OF HAIR LENGTH - hair parting combs are designed for hair professionals. Aristocrat 1145 7 In. space tease combs black wide tooth comb provides lesser friction while compared to a normal fine tooth comb. This makes the wide tooth comb more gentle on the hair. This combs are versatile enough to use on any type of hair length. Quality hair stylist supplies. Wide comb Made in USA.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed or you money back. Our wide tooth comb for men are great for parting for fine hair or thick hair are popular choice of professional hairstylist. If you're not 100% satisfied with these comb, simply return it for a full refund. No questions asked!

Every woman and man should have a teasing comb because it helps keep your hair in place and lets you start this season looking stylish.

7 inches long space tooth vent comb. Great cutting combs for sectioning hair to tease and style hair. Also known as wig and tease comb.

Do you want to add some extra volume to your hair? Then, you need to get your hands on a good set of barber combs for black hair comb. It is the perfect tool to add lift to your hair. Hair combs for women with trendy colors.

Teasing combs, mens combs for hair that gently grab onto each strand and create extra volume and texture. Wide comb that have many bristles or teeth that offer less breakage and more comfort.

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