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Ace 7 in. All-Purpose Hair Cutting Barber Comb Hard Rubber Tapered Black 1 Pc.


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TRADITIONAL BARBER COMB SIZE - With dimensions of : 7 x 1.2 x 0.19 makes the perfect size combs for women and combs for men. Professional combs for barbers.


MADE OF LONG-LASTING HARD RUBER - for durability. 100% professional graded for combining proper rigidity and flexibility. These pocket combs are widely used world wide in the industry and are perfect for hair cuts at home and barber shops and hair salon.

DISINFECTABLE COMBS WILL NOT ABSORBE AND COLOR WILL NOT FADE IN BARBICIDE - These hair Ace cutting combs will not absorb sterilizing solutions, perms, conditioners, shampoos, oil, water, etc. These combs can be used for wet and dry hair cuts and in many hair styling situations. Color comb will NOT fade in disinfectants and other liquids.

ACE BARBER COMBS AND HAIR STYLIST COMBS - all purpose combs you can use these combs in every hair styling and hair cutting techniques, like: clipper-over-comb and hair-over-comb, layering, hair blending and more.

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