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Cricket Static-Free 8-Row Round Hair Brush - Ideal for Blow Drying, Curling, and Styling All Hair Types 1 Piece


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  • Static-free properties: This brush helps eliminate flyaway hair and reduces unwanted static. It's the ideal no-static hairbrush for curling, blow-drying, and styling all types of hair. It works best on damp to dry hair and is perfect for finishing touches.
  • Double duty brush: A shape shifter that prevents tangles, this brush is perfect for curling hair. It's designed for styling and creating small-sized curls and works well for those finishing touches.
  • Non-snag nylon bristles: This round hairbrush for curls features static-free, non-snag nylon bristles and reinforced "stay-put" ball tips. It won't cause hair to split, tangle, or break.
  • Non-slip handle for control: This round curling brush has a non-slip handle grip that provides maximum styling control and comfort.
  • Pro stylist must-have: Cricket, the original inventor of the "static-free" brush, has included this in their Static Free Hair Brush collection. It's a tool that no one who wants to avoid static in their hair should be without. 

    Introducing our static-free hair brush, the ideal tool for eliminating flyaway hair and reducing unwanted static. Expertly designed for curling, blow drying, and styling all types of hair, this brush performs optimally on damp to dry hair, ensuring perfect finishing touches. If you're troubled by static in your hair, this brush, designed with static-free properties, will become your go-to tool for all your hairstyling needs.

    Our double-duty brush stands out as a shape shifter that efficiently prevents tangles. It's explicitly designed for curling hair, and the versatility it offers makes it perfect for styling and creating small-sized curls. It also shines in applying those all-important finishing touches to your hairstyle. With our double-duty brush, tangles become a thing of the past, and a well-styled hairdo is always at your fingertips.

    The brush features non-snag nylon bristles that are static-free and fortified with reinforced "stay-put" ball tips, ensuring that your hair won't split, tangle, or break. A notable feature of our brush is its non-slip handle, which provides maximum styling control and comfort. In fact, our brush, proudly designed in the USA, is part of Cricket's Static Free Hair Brush collection, making it a must-have tool for professional stylists and anyone wanting to avoid static in their hair.

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