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Denman D3 Classic Styling Brush 7 Rows Hair Brush Blow-Drying, Styling Detangling, Separating, Shaping & Defining Curls


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STYLE, SHAPE AND DEFINE - Genuine Denman styling hairbrush for detangling Hair, styling and smoothing longer length hair With white bristles.

NO CATCH OR DRAG - 7 rows of perfectly smooth, round-ended pins for voluminous hair.Denman curly hair brush. The best shower brush for all hair types. You do not need to worry using this brush with your favorite shampoo, conditioner and hair oil.

OPTIMUM GRIP AND CONTROL - Staggered pin pattern which is ideal for control and defining wet curls. Great for distributing hair products more evenly through the hair.

COMFORT AND BALANCE - The unique tear-drop handle with longer, more rounded shape provides extra comfort and balance.
Denman 7 rows hair brush: sculpted round-ended nylon pins separate, shape hair and defines curls when hair is wet. Blow styling: the styling edges of the hairbrush create tension when shaping the hair during blow-styling.

Extra-grip: unique pin pattern of this hairbrush provides extra grip and tension. Can be used with a hairdryer.Sturdy construction: made of durable and high-quality material. Can be used for smoothing styled and straight hair.

Care instruction: wash in warm, soapy water. Rinse and leave to dry away from direct heat and sunlight.

Ships from Texas, USA. Made un The United Kingdom.


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