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Allegro Combs All Purpose Hair Cape Salon Cape Waterproof  Barbers And Hairstylist Cape Cutting Styling Capes For Hair Stylist, Unisex Waterproof 46 X 60 In. Black

Allegro Combs All Purpose Hair Cape Salon Cape Waterproof Barbers And Hairstylist Cape Cutting Styling Capes For Hair Stylist, Unisex Waterproof 46 X 60 In. Black

Allegro Combs

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Allegro Combs is the salon cape that every barber or hairstylist must have. This barber coat can be used for all purposes, Its one-size-fits-all makes it perfect to make the experience easy and comfortable. Hair trimming cap designed with the hair professionals in mind, this haircutting capes professional can also be used at home for boys and girls hair cuts. FREE SHIPPING.

The Best Materials. Hair capes professionals are made out of Poli Nylon fabric, quality threads, long-lasting gunmetal gray snap buttons, enhanced neck collar with hanging loop and 360 double fold finish trim, gives this salon cape a unique tailored custom look. This hair Coloring cape from Allegro Combs are infused fibers make this hair dying cape resists any type of hair technique, perms, coloring process, water and oils.

All purpose  haircut smocks cape perfect for hair treatments. Using this Barber and hairstylist apron in adults, women and men Great haircut cape for kids and adult, to cut, coloring or washing hair, we guarantee your satisfaction.

The Professional design hair cut cover up for men and woman Dimensions:  46 x 60 inches of the Allegro Combs Salon Cape protects the clothing from hair dye, styling products, and hair clips, keeping your skin safe from any irritation or scratch. Get professional results at home or in a beauty salon with its traditional oversized design that resists water and bleach or any hair treatment, fitting perfect for every neck styling cape. 

Low and Easy Maintenance. Put the Salon Cape barber cloth cape in the washing machine and clean it easily, it also dries quickly to use it every time you need.

Keep the classy style with the traditional Black Salon Cape and the best Poli-Nylon material that protects your clothes and skin from bleach, hair treatments, hair clips and hair other residues. Our Salon Capes are 100% premium material like Its fabric, stainless steel gunmetal grey snap buttons and more, with the best materials to guarantee your satisfaction or get your money back. 

Re-usable, washable and quick dry with long-lasting stainless steel snaps make this Barber and Hairstylist Salon Cape the perfect tool for professionals, beauty and barber students or hair enthusiasts. We have designed this hair cutting cape with a hanging loop so you can keep it close by ready to be used at any time.

Apply any type of treatment with complete confidence that your clothes will be safe in every moment thanks to its extra internal layer to isolate your from perms, oils, shampoo, bleach and water. The Allegro Combs Salon Cape is the quality cutting cape for women and men of every neck size and lightweight, we guarantee the best materials and durability.  


Allegro Combs es la capa de salón que todo peluquero o peluquero debe tener.

Esta capa de barbero se puede usar para todos los propósitos, su talla única lo hace perfecto para que la experiencia sea fácil y cómoda.

Capa de corte de cabello diseñado pensando en los profesionales del cabello, esta capa de corte de cabello profesional también se puede usar en casa para cortes de cabello de niños y niñas.

Los mejores materiales. Los profesionales de las capas para el cabello están hechos de tela Poli Nylon, hilos de calidad, botones a presión de color gris bronce de larga duración, cuello mejorado con presilla para colgar y ribete de acabado de doble pliegue 360 que le da a esta capa de salón un aspecto personalizado único.

Esta capa para teñir el cabello de Allegro Combs son fibras infundidas que hacen que esta capa para teñir el cabello resista cualquier tipo de técnica de cabello, permanentes, proceso de coloración, agua y aceites.

Capa de corte de pelo multiusos perfecta para tratamientos capilares. Usando esta capa de peluquero y peluquero en adultos, mujeres y hombres