Searching for Words, But Not For Our Commitment allegro Beauty Store.

Searching for Words, But Not For Our Commitment allegro Beauty Store.

When there are many ideas to tell, and you have no idea where to start, is good to start that by mentioning about way this online store started.

How Our Store Started.

For some time, we have been selling online in other market places. But, we have not had customers to call our own. It has been always our intention to create community. To have a place where we can treat people the way they deserve it, with fairness and responsibility.

We have started by providing great customer service and by offering products that we have know through the years and recommend with the certainty that our customer will really enjoy them.

Also, We have include our phone number so you can have a voice and someone you can call if you have a question about a product before you place and order.

Sometimes you might need to let us know that you don't want we to include the receipt in the box of your order because your are buying a gift. Or some time you would like to give us special instructions on how you would like us to pack your order.

Here, at Allegro Beauty Store, We listen and work with you, because we want to keep our customer not only one purchase, but, for a long time.

We are a family business located in North Texas. 

Our commitment:

  • Your word counts. Call us if you have a special request of question. Our phone number is 619-786-7377
  • 30 days money back guaranteed. Love it or return. We know sometimes there are some things they don't come out the way we expected it. We got you covered on that one.
  • Great brands at great price.  We are direct and authorized distributors which means your products are covered by te manufacture's guarantee.
  • We ship in less than 24 hours. We understand you want to start enjoying your products as soon as posible. 

We hope to hear from you with your questions and orders.

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